Learning at Bolton Wanderers Free School

BWFS are a small and personal learning provider, of around 200 students in this first coming year, this is what enables us to give and offer our students the one-to-one support and guidance they need to achieve and exceed their potential. Our inclusive environment and nature allows us to spend time helping students develop the skills and knowledge they need to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. This includes the learning, in the form of the qualifications offered. We have high standards and expectations of our students which ensures the students receive the best possible teaching delivery and support.

BWFS are dedicated to providing a high standard of learning, progress and experience within the qualifications offered. We have the following courses ranging from a Level 2 Diploma to, to a full Level 3 Diploma. Student also have the opportunity to study Math’s and English (GCSE or functional skills whichever is most appropriate) We will encompass other smaller qualifications that will enhance the holistic learning experience and give our students the competitive edge when progressing.