About Bolton Wanderers Free School

Eddie Davies Educational Trust

The Eddie Davies Educational Trust (EDET) is a not for profit trust established to incorporate the newly formed Bolton Wanderers Free School. The Free School will be co-educational sports-led aimed at 16-19 year old learners from Bolton and surrounding towns.

Bolton Wanderers FC has been working with young people for several years delivering alternative education provision based on BTEC and IBCC through sport. Our successful application to open the Free School in Bolton was based around the significant experience, expertise and inspirational vision we have acquired with local schools and colleges in order to expand and develop our existing programmes into a full time 16-19 provision for up to 400 students per annum.

Currently we are delivering education through BTEC, IBCC and other vocational qualifications to students on site at the Macron Stadium utilising the stadium facilities for classroom based learning and the extensive professional academy facilities for sports.

We see the changing educational landscape as a huge opportunity to give young people more chances to succeed in education, develop a passion for life-long learning and improve the educational choices that are available to young people as they prepare for the ever changing world of work. Our experience has shown the power to engage students through sport, has a big influence on their ability to learn and develop not just in academic subjects but in their confidence and ability to enter employment. By working with local partners we have successfully transitioned students to further education opportunities or employment.


We believe in cultivating in our students, the life-long ability to take the right course of action in any particular situation, supported by a continuing interest in learning and self-development. We help our students to re-consider, refine and re-define their own goals, standards and values. Then through the discipline of a demanding sports-led curriculum and their own reflective and collective thinking we help them develop;

Understanding: the ability to assess and summarise a situation within its particular context

Judgement: having summarised a situation and its context, the ability then to judge the right thing to do

Technique: having the ability, experience and expertise to make the right plan and then to execute it successfully

As well as securing necessary formal qualifications to move forward in life, our students develop a deep understanding of how to set appropriate goals, how to deliver and then how to execute a strategy for themselves. They also acquire the ability confidently and correctly to re-asses a plan in a fast changing environment and react appropriately thereafter to obstacles and success.

We offer an absorbing and satisfying approach to personal learning and improvement, with our framework programmes tailored by our teachers and trainers to each participant’s specific needs and goals. Our learning programmes develop social and rational abilities, using physical and technical activities to deliver traditionally difficult concepts such as strategic and reflective thinking, problem identification and solving, professionalism and judgement. The combination of the teaching curriculum and a concentration on personal development through ‘all-round professionalism’ has proved particularly beneficial to young people.

Our key values are:

  • Improvement
  • Discipline
  • Self-knowledge
  • Commitment
  • Balance
  • Professionalism
  • Judgement

However, with a strong foundation in high level sport and education, our teachers and trainers recognise from personal experience that respect, humour and enjoyment remain critical to success when under pressure.

If you are aged 16-19 and what to join the Bolton Wanderers Free School Download application form today.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Academy trusts are required to submit audited financial statements to the Education Funding Agency for the period ending 31 August each year.

Please find below the Eddie Davies Educational Trust’s Annual Report and Financial Statements for the period ending 31 August 2014.

Annual Report and Financial Statements ending 31 August 2014